Love Letters

To the Ones With Crumpled Wings


A love letter from the Father. 




My treasured butterfly with crumpled wings– feeling deserted and unable to fly. Although you have been abused in the past, there comes a time when a butterfly must embrace her new beauty and leave the comfortable cocoon of secrecy. 


As a lonely butterfly first emerging into her destined calling, the size of what I have chosen you to do may seem overwhelming at first. It can be tempting to remain in the safe comforts of isolation, but you must resist the urge to run and hide from your destined greatness. 


The place where you are at now does not have enough room for you to expand your wings. The resistance that you have felt in your rise is only proof of your high calling and the effectiveness that your words will have to help transform others into knowing and encountering My love. 


Take a deep breath and accept who you are and what I have chosen you to do. It is time to embrace your destiny and no longer run from your truth. Before you were born I set you apart and I sealed you with prestige and honor. Your wings were carefully made in secret with My intimate love to be openly revealed to reach the broken and the lost. 


Beloved, I need you to be selfless by allowing Me to raise you up as I expose you as My very own. You will be vindicated and given double honor so that you can pause and reflect upon the favor and dignity that comes from being My child. 


Trust Me to smooth out those crumpled wings and relieve you of the fear and hurts. Simply be yourself and share what I have done for you personally. Follow My plan and don’t resist the rise of being seen. I will transform you to stand tall with confidence and be free from self-doubting. 


Place what you fear into My hands and let go of the thoughts of pain from man. Wipe the dust of those who sow rejection off of your beautiful wings and step completely into My loving plan. 


Give your heart entirely to My purpose and design as you believe that I am always by your side to protect you and make every situation right. A trusting surrender into My all-consuming love will heal the effects of every traumatic condition. My glory and power will flow through your yielded life, like wonder that lifts up a whimsical butterfly. 



You will rise with courage and your wings will expand to reach a much larger audience than you have imagined. I will use your weakness to reveal Myself to a multitude of souls to be bathed in My love. You were born for this! Let your destiny emerge and accept your honorable position. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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