Love Letters

A Whole New World


A love letter from the Father. 




Take My hand for an amazing and unforgettable adventure. I am bringing you into the fullness of your promise and highly-favored destiny. Surely you will be blessed a thousand times above and beyond all that you have hoped. Don’t worry dear heart, you cannot mess up this promise and there is nothing that can hurt you in My sheltering arms. I am with you and I will keep you prospering wherever we go. 


I am restoring you back to your entitled place of dignified honor and designated blessings. You will encounter a radical transformation in an environment of My Divine favor. Like a starfish regenerating new limbs, I will make your life entirely new to counteract the pain of your former experiences. My love is flowing through every detail of your life to bring a new landscape of beauty and delight.  


You are entering into a great increase of resources and a very generous harvest and I will not stop raising you up to overwhelm you with intentional love until I have fulfilled all that I have promised. I will see to it that you are richly covered at all times so that you can bountifully open your hands to others. 


There is nothing in this place that can remove this promise from Me–you are surrounded in a plethora of My favor. My love-promise is here to stay and there is absolutely nothing that could ever separate you from My support. I will generously provide all that you need and it will be so full that My love overflows to others. 


You are destined to shine like a star and I will make your name highly distinguished for My glory. Your life and testimony of knowing Me will be an incredible source of great good and vitality for others. I will do good for you and bless you in astounding and unconventional ways. It will be a whole new world! Don’t hold your breath or limit what can come, this will only get better and better! 



Written by Dannette Lynn


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