Love Letters

Rain Maker


A love letter from the Father. 




Even when it seems that you have an empty glass and your needs are crying to be filled and satisfied, there is always hidden water in the sky and secret riches for every moment in time. I have given you a special reserve as a conduit of releasing miracles of My presence. 


You have the fluid faith to draw from My presence. Manifest your vision as you concentrate it into your focus. Lift up your seeds of faith with hopeful thoughts, like a rainmaker seeding clouds with silvery dust to draw the moisture out. The water vapors attach to the iodine compound that the cloud seeder uses to cause the moister to cling together and multiply. 


You will no longer be known as a sympathy case or as one held captive by the opposition and impoverished conditions. Instead, you will be announced as one who draws out the liquid wealth of My presence. Break the habit of looking in the past. Surrender your past identity and all of the detrimental feelings and thoughts of insecurity, suffering, or lack. I have blessed you and you will be a delightful blessing to many. 


Replace the old image of yourself with this new upgrade. Refuse to be ashamed as I open up the double doors of honor. I am lifting you into places that far exceed your hopes and expectations. You are a rainmaker, a conduit of My blessings. As a person that commands the rain to fall–no matter what you do–it will prosper with rain showers of bountiful provisions. 


Come back to your rightful place as My child of blessing and honor. Be restless no more as I take you up and bless you with a future that is envied by the world. You will be filled with My almighty strength and safeguarded in My everlasting arms. You will shake your head and be unbelievably stunned as you see the increase that I have given to you. 


Sleep in confidence tonight. Rest assured–the drought is over. Be ready and don’t limit what I am capable of. Like a heavy cloud full of collected moisture, the release of your prayers falling from the pressure of your demand. For every cause, there is an effect. Never underestimate what happens when you hold a faith-filled thought and corresponding action. 


A miraculous cloud is ascending from the sea of My unrestrained abundance. With unbridled compassion, I am restoring your fortunes as one who I have chosen to honor. The dry barren riverbeds are filling up with the rain at last. As you see it unfold, you will exhale and say it was all worth it–finally the answer to your prayers! 


I am opening up to you a very good treasure, one that was hidden in your midst all along. Go now, and look in the direction of faith, for there is a thundering rain of promises coming. The sky is becoming filled with a magnificent cloud and the winds of refreshing are growing wild! Heavy rains are ready to fall–a rain of promises–and much much more. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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