Love Letters

Claim the Dream


A love letter from the Father. 



What do you see, beloved one, when you are dreaming? I see that you want a change and a life that is different. I see you gazing at the dream of how you long for things to be and the tears streaming down your face when everything seems hopeless. Oh, troubled soul, the dream that I put in your heart is the evidence that the dream is positively yours. Like an eagle perched above the ground, you are dreaming of what is becoming. 


You must lose sight of where you are now and where you have been in order to touch and contain the new person that you want to become. Until the present situation that you see matches the desire of your heart, come away with your thoughts to the dream that you adore so much. Roll you worries onto Me and commit your heart to My way first. I will cause your thoughts to dwell in My will and your plans will be established and successful.  


Rise above the negativity and touch the sky with enormous wings and expanded reach. Not everyone can understand your dream, there are times when you have to believe alone. Keep chasing your dreams, regardless of what anyone thinks. Remain focused on your goal and don’t be distracted by fear or doubt. 


You already have the dream of your heart, it only needs to be claimed. Believe that you have received it and it will be done. The vision is your assured destination and as you think it will become. Be thankful in advance and don’t worry about how it can happen nor fret over the time you have lost. 


We will use your thoughts of faith to peel away the barriers of time to bring your dreams to the open and front. Narrow your vision in on the desired result and close your eyes to the current situation. Let yourself believe again and be engulfed in hopeful thoughts and imaginations as you become one with the dream. 


There is power in confident thoughts. Like an eagle balancing his feathers, replace every negative worry with a positive thought of the desired outcome. Renew your mind by thinking confident thoughts of faith and repeat it over and over again. Change the altitude and raise up your level of receiving. Use the negative conditions in your life as the opposing wind-pressure to lift yourself up and soar above every trouble into the materialization of your happiest hopes.  


Stretch your imagination and keep your hopes high. Push past the doubts–what you will believe is what will be. I am watching to ensure the dream comes to pass. It will be worth it–keep on claiming and thinking and you will experience the open-air of a dream expanding into this layer of the atmospheric surface. 


Aim high and rise above the clouds. Soar in the balance of discipline and the consistency of faith-filled thoughts and your dreams are certain to surface into a tangible reality. With a glad heart of relief, you will continue to feast on bountiful blessings, no matter what the circumstance. 


Seize your dream with confidence and a hopeful heart. I will fill you with beautiful things and delightfully satisfy you with My unfailing love and compassion. You will have an abundance for every need and nothing along the way will cause you to stumble. 


With sharp talons and a large-hooked beak of an eagle, reach and diligently pursue the impressive goal for your life. The dream is yours–it’s attached to you! With an irresistible pull and an expectant invitation, claim it by faith and pull it perfectly into place. 


See the dream for yourself and don’t give up no matter what, like an eagle hunting down prey from a far-off distance. Keep looking up with anticipation like an eagle settled into a tall-tree nest. I will do exceedingly abundantly above every audacious thought and starry-eyed imagination! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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