Love Letters

No More Suffering


A love letter from the Father. 




My lovely rose– I can assure you that My promises to you will not fail to flourish beyond every negative condition. You are being blessed even more for your struggles. Even at this moment, I am sticking up for you!


The ground has shifted, and change is happening. Do you think that anything can drive you away from the provision and protection of My personal love? Not a chance! No curse or misfortune can ever stand in the way of My dedication to support you at every moment.  


Although there have been disappointments along the path, there is a reason that the seed that you planted must be so hard. The seed coat protects the embryo from harm. Wipe away the tears and absorb the greatness of the splendor of the King. Dream big! There is no limit to what you can have. I am turning things around to give you expressive praise instead of a despairing spirit. 


Diligently water your prayer roses, and don’t be discouraged if the answer takes more than a day to come to pass. Building a lovely garden takes patience, but if you stay loyal to your prayers, it will be like Christmas morning when your blooms begin to unfold all at once. 


Like a delicate flower stretching towards the warming sunlight, keep looking towards Me with positive thoughts. Focusing on what you fear and the present suffering can make you unwell. Just as plants are attracted to grow faster when they are lovingly talked to, use thoughts of faith to attract your bloom to grow speedily. 


Sometimes the seeds need to be scratched in order to break through the water. Every situation will become a blessing for you. As soon as the seedling touches the water, growth happens immediately. Likewise, once you overcome your mind, everything else flows smoothly. 


You have suffered much, but I am blessing you beyond your plans and before you even see it coming, your prayers will be manifested in a plethora. I am causing your heart desires to multiply as flower buds grow in the field. The wrongs will be righted with an increase in abundance. Don’t give up on your dreams, but trust and rely on Me. I will ease your fears and lavish you with multiplied comforts and it will be far more beautiful than you ever dreamed~




Written by Dannette Lynn




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