Love Letters

Blessed Beyond Expectation


A love letter from Jesus. 



I have made this time extra special–a time to open gifts and enjoy a flourishing restoration. I am calling you back to My original design for your life–to be ever blessed and oh so prosperous! I have blessed you beyond expectation and I have healed you inside and out from all diseases. There is nothing that I would not do to show you the daily encounters of My loving intentions. 



Regardless of what way you turn, My goodness and love pursue you like a magnet of effortless blessings. However,  in order for My promises to work in your life, there needs to be an alignment. Today I am pulling you close to re-align your thoughts in a Kingdom-minded way.



Even if you see the effects of sickness or need, get your words and thoughts in accordance with My words. You cannot say that you are blessed and then think about a negative thing–like sickness or need. When worries fill your thoughts, give them to Me, and trust that I will take care of everything. 



Despite how the situation looks, keep believing, and thinking that you are in perfect health and overflowing with My abundance. Match your thoughts and imaginations to My promises for you. It is like being in a magnetic field, the electrons need to all point in the same direction for the energy to work. The electrons that are going in different directions cancel each other out. Likewise, your thoughts and inner beliefs always need to be faced in the same direction as My promises. 



My dear, I love you so much! I want the very best for you and to fill you with so much joy. You are a trustee of My estate and an heir to wealth and complete healing. I promised that you were healed and that I would provide for you in abundance. 



Even if all appearing hope seemed to sink like a burning ship, the enduring love of My promises to manifest will always remain in effect. You will truly have all things in abundance–even more than you expect. Discover My life-giving love in the midst of your pain and frustration. 




What others consider impossible, I will show you that it is possible! Dare to dream about what you would love your reflection to be. Get out of the restraints and stretch your imagination. Never doubt what I will do with a little bit of faith. Wedding bells will bloom out of the suffering, as I bless you beyond all expectation. 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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