Problem into Promise




In the last several weeks I have had four doctors tell me that I had to have surgery. Each in his and her own language filled me with imaginations of fearful and even deadly things that could happen if I didn’t have the surgery. Today I sat before meeting with a surgeon and I prayed and asked Papa God to speak to me. I was desperate for wisdom and discernment about what to do. 


Even as I asked Him, I could sense a child-like faith twirling within me and my deepest heart desire was to see this thing healed miraculously. I had some pain issues with my tummy and it was discovered that there was a gallstone that was keeping me from being able to eat normally. 


After I left the surgeon’s office, I felt waves of faith coming over me, confirming that I would see this thing dissolved and the other issues gone. Since I am also writing a book on health and super-natural weight loss, I began doing my own research, and the more I discovered the more I had hope that I can be healed of this nagging problem. 


I also found out that those doctors were exaggerating greatly about the severity after I was able to see the hospital records. Even the surgeon himself had admitted to that. I could tell he was a man who talked to God and I especially liked him because he laughed at my jokes lol. If God decides it is His will for me to do the surgery, then I will do it cheerfully, but so far that has not been the case. 


I went back to my room and continued to pray and the Lord started pouring into me an absolutely fascinating love-letter (that I am working on now) and He gave me the certainty of seeing a miracle. Before getting too deep into the prophetic letter, the Holy Spirit had me do a faith exercise that I learned from one of Graham Cooke’s teachings. 


The Lord had me write down the top problems that I have been dealing with and crying over. At the top of that column, I wrote “problems”. Directly across from the “problems” column, He had me create a second column and it was titled “promises”. Next to each problem, I wrote the opposite that I wanted to have. For instance, for the gallstones, I wrote: “healed and dissolved”. 


I continued to write the opposite of each problem. It was so exciting because each problem that was turned into a promise matched up perfectly with the word of God. It reminds me of a lecture by Charles Spurgeon when the Lord taught him to turn each of his prayer requests into a promise. After all, Mark 11:23 says, 


whatever things you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received them, and they will be given to you”. 


Then the Lord told me that all of those items in the “promiselist were now my prophetic promises from Him and after that He even confirmed it with a sign. With all of the other craziness going on, I do not want to be terrified over an issue that God has healed. But I am also taking life-changing measures to use wisdom to drastically change my diet with the foods that are healing and not toxic. 


I am very much trusting God to even write this to you because it is a risk–a risk of faith. But faith is the best currency that there is to gain abundantly above and beyond. I really don’t think He will let me be disappointed. Thanks for hanging out with me today, have a good night and sweet dreams! 






With love,


Dannette Lynn