Love Letters

A Miracle Change


A love letter from the Father. 


Those situations that bring you to tears are like stars that will soon run out of energy to hold themselves up. The outward conditions will rip to bits and the core of the problems will dematerialize into an invisible abyss. Suddenly your troubles will explode out of the way as a giant firework display like a supernova.


The negative circumstances in your life are like a star with a constant struggle against My gravitational force. It is like a star whose core collapses with nothing to support it. Although you may see bad things today, My promises to you are the reality that won’t fade away.


Reversing a problem begins with ignoring the problem. The fear of a bad outcome and a negative condition is an optical illusion that opposes My promises. Focus all of your energy on My spectacular promises and not the delusion of bad things.


My words are like a raging fire, active, and full of vehement power. The promises that I have given to you are bursting with energy and effective to transform you into the perfection of completeness that you desire.


As you think about and believe in My words with deep reliance, a glorious unfolding of instantaneous miracles will explode into the surface with illuminating brightness and a life-changing celebration.


Faith is your investment and I have given you the freedom to create a life that reflects My majesty like gamma rays being absorbed and re-emitted. As Christ is in Heaven, so are you here and now. On earth, as it is in heaven–anything that you can imagine can be done!


Expect to see My goodness with unshakable trust and enduring confidence in My power to transform. The promise will materialize into the surface to replace the negative things that are presently visible.


The negative issues that surround you today can quietly vanish, like a massive star that collapses into a black hole. I am giving you a return for your investment with added interest! There will be good news arriving for you to make up for your heartache. Even before you suspect it happening, a miracle change will break-open a way for you!





Written by Dannette Lynn





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