Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 



It is time to put your mind at ease. I see every detail of your life and I planned ahead for everything. You will be comforted again with extra comfort for every pain. By encountering My goodness time after time, you will learn to truly trust Me and remain completely relaxed in the complexity of every situation. 


Turn yourself around and see these troubles from a higher level of thinking. Take your attention off of your needs and start to soak your thoughts in My endless abundance. Release your mind from the attitude of worry and you will see things quickly restored with plenty. 


Wash your heart from the unwarranted doubts in the loyalty of My promise and turn your attention away from your problems. Use your faith in My goodness to transfer the negative pressure from the current troubles into the optimistic awareness that I will answer your prayers. 


Your faith in who I am for you will transfer the heat away from the problem, into a lifting-movement of energy convection. You will rise into the tangible reality of your hopes as if carried by a hot-air balloon, as the heat of the outward circumstances become cooler than the doubt-burning faith within. 


Every thought of hope and faith results in an action of equal fulfillment. As you use your faith-filled thoughts to press into a confident-expectation, My words will spring up like a bubbling fountain to refill your cup with brimming blessings. 


If you trust in Me and lay your whole world upon My words of promise, anything that you ask will come to pass for you. I will cause you to experience My joy as you are awakened to believe in My favor and approval. You will sip from the quiet pools of refreshments and relax in the fulfillment of your most outrageous prayers!


Think about what you hope for and believe that it will happen. You can count on Me to be all that you need! Everything that you desire is hidden inside and expanding within you. My promise is a gift that continues to release over and over with indulgence.   


As you reach your thoughts to Me with hope and expectation, I will reach back to you with far more than you could ever dare to dream or imagine! Reach with faith and experience the extravagance of My love–test the breadth and rise to the heights! 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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