Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 




Although I have promised you that the pain of the past suffering has been over, going through chronic stress for a very long time can make it hard to relax and enjoy the delectable promise of elevated blessings. 


Even though there is no more danger and I have promised you an increase of more than you have ever dreamed, the long-term effects of prolonged stress can create tension in the body and increased pulse from the dread of bad things reoccurring.


Negative thoughts are like the gale that kicks up the forceful waves of discomfort and dread. Just as the uncomforted octopus anxiously bites away his own arm to tatters as a way to cope with the irritation from stress. If not healed from worrisome thinking, unresolved stress can lead to the risk of complicated health problems. 


Let Me make it clear to you, that the times of burdened afflictions have ended. Be at peace, everything will turn out good. You have suffered more than enough and from now on, you will be rewarded with twice the relief of comforts. I have singled you out as one who is blessed and replenished with the gentleness of My loving-kindness. 


My dear friend, listen attentively to My words and tune your ears to My goodness. Keep a careful concern over your thoughts, for that, is where your life flows from. Block every thought of a bad outcome and continue to think that your hopes will happen. 


I will open up to you the unsurpassed mysteries of the vast and deep. In the places that have never been explored, I have hidden away secret wealth for you at this time. Just like the earth’s oceans, only five percent of all that I have given to you has been uncovered or imagined.  


Take the path of faith-filled thoughts and you will see there is a hidden landscape of major discoveries dripping with a revitalizing plethora. I vow that you have access to unlimited resources, like an ocean tide that forever flows out and pours back with a rising fortune. 


Focus your eyes on My promises as I show you secret treasures of the unknown ocean itself. Nothing that you can imagine will be withheld. Whenever you stretch your faith to obtain, believe that you’ll receive and you will. 


Your applied trust in Me to meet your faith will–in no way–put you to shame or leave you disappointed. You are going to be delightfully surprised–even amazed–as you see what I do next. I will answer your cries with bountiful gifts of superabundantly more than you have dared to think or ask. 


Blur the boundaries from your sights, I have given you a personal promise of flooding wealth and rest from the limitations. Let Me captivate your imaginations with the uncharted and undiscovered oceans of the riches that I have hidden.


Out of My abundance, you will be comforted and My kindness shall be shown to you. The warfare that has plagued you for so long has been suppressed and I have granted you rest everywhere. You will no longer be harassed by troubles or distressed by enemies. 


 I have given you free rein with no restrictions. My love never stops loving and My promise to support you will never run out. Out of an abundance, I show you My unstoppable provision and the undiscovered underwater ridges of hidden riches and the trenches of the secret surplus. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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