Love Letters

Catch of Favor


A love letter from Jesus.  




Although you have mourned from a difficult time and have been suffering and un-comforted by the prolonged grief of hardship, let’s move over to the calmer waters to see the answer to your prayers coming up to smell the roses. I am jumping for joy to share with you a secret fishing hole of My favor. 


All of the afflictions that you have known are drifting away as a memory that fades. Achieving success of answered prayers will come best in a tranquil place. Before you begin to see the treasures for this time, back-cast your fishing rod and let go of those events that caused you pain, as we make room for new experiences of My goodness. When you try to cast out under the tension of pain, the reels can spin too fast to create a tangled mess. 



Now that we have lightened the burden, come along and I will show you the right spot to catch a prayer of favor on every cast. Hold onto Me as I fulfill every request and you will see that this is a piece of cake. All you need is trust and a little bit of faith and soon you will be catching two fish at a time!



Rest in the stream of My heart, there is an ocean of abundance for you to explore. Tighten the line of trust, the lack is only an illusion of fear. This is not a time to survive, but this is your time to thrive and flourish with maximum blessings and overflowing provisions. 



Let’s remove this roadblock of fearful-unbelief, victory is your birthright. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the vastness of prayers that I can answer. Ask and you will receive so that your joy may be full. The possibilities are unlimited! 



Cast out for a catch with positive thoughts and big expectations and don’t be afraid of losing. Visualize the strike and instantly shut off all thoughts of worry. The key to catching a big answered prayer is to do it as quietly as possible. Attract the big fish with the sounds of faith and you will be catching a multitude of fish in no time and feeling confident. 



Slow down and meditate here, there is no need to be in such a hurry. This is a perfect moment for a daydream to draw from the still waters of waiting. Stay persistent and don’t give up so fast. Go past the point of thinking that you want to give up and you will see the fulfillment of this prayer. 



Your deep belief is what you will attract. Live each moment as if things are just as you prayed them to be and keep believing that it is impossible for this to fail. The wind is on your side–the resistance is proof that you are onto something good. So don’t give up, just because you haven’t seen anything certain. 



What you believe is what transforms your hope into a tangible realization. Plant your hook of faith firmly and you will get what you are hoping and expecting. Confidence is crucial, always think that you will get exactly what you have prayed–and more! Fish love to hide in the sunken treasures and hidden riches of the ocean bed. 



Align your thoughts and emotions with My promise of fulfillment. Use My promises to push away any worry or thoughts of discouragement. If you believe that the prayer is already yours then it will be done. Feel as if your prayers have already been answered and celebrate with a thankful sigh.  



The moment that you can imagine what it feels like to have the prayer answered, that is all you need. Continue to pull it in with confident thoughts of attainment. All I have ever told you to do was “believe”. I will do far beyond what you could ever hope or imagine. My Love is reaching back to you with generosity and kindness to move in response to your faith-driven request.



Be prepared for good news–you never know what the fish are going to do! It just may be that you receive too much to keep for yourself. Hope for a big answer to prayer and expect the unexpected. Relax your cares with the certainty that you will receive a catch of favor–just as you asked! 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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