Love Letters

Something Unexpected



A love letter from the Father. 




Don’t sweat it, I’ve got you and I am going to astonish you with something unexpected. This journey is all about trust and surprises. I am going to exceed your expectations and you’ll be amazed. An unending ocean of abundance is yours. An ocean tide of My loving provisions is always flowing in and bringing even more after every retreat. 


You are entitled to My abundance. You are My beloved child! On the other side of those fears is the manifestation of all that you hope. Drop the weight of fear and trap the hope inside as you turn your attention on a joyful fulfillment, like a duck trapping air in his feathers, so that he can cheerfully float on top of the water. 


Keep your head above the water. Stay worry-free like a duck with water-resistant feathers. Empty your anxieties into My care and do not dwell on those things again. Give Me every need as you relax into a beautiful surrender. I will take care of you–just as I always have. You have nothing to ever fear because My love rescue is always here. 


Rest will keep you from sinking with dread to the bottom of the sea-bed. Rest is a weapon and a key to fulfillment. Don’t think about your needs or the areas that you long to change. Take your attention off of the problem and resist thinking about it again. Spend your time focusing on My promises and imagine My intentional love fulfilling your request. 


Like a duck joyfully bobbing on the water, place yourself in expectancy and feel that something wonderful is going to happen. Change your belief. Instead of trusting in the problem, trust in My unlimited riches and unending storehouse. Reverse what you fear into what you want by thinking confident thoughts and anticipating a positive outcome. 


Close your eyes to the outer world and step into the inner place with Me. What is inside is more real than the outer problems that you see. As you focus through faith, you can draw from My presence all that you need. You can have all that you desire, according to the gift of My generous blessings for you. Dare to trust Me to do what only I can do.


Calm and quiet yourself because I am giving you rest and a time of comfort to kick your feet up and relax from the stressors. You will be enriched in every way so that you may be extra generous to others. Dig deep inside and tap into the Fountain of My presence to spring up and flood all that pertains to your life. As you rest in knowing that your prayer request has been granted, you will access My joy and My joy will remain and be full in you! 


Flowing freely, blessings will come to you without striving. I will richly and ceaselessly provide you with everything for your enjoyment. Like a magnet of joy, immerse yourself in My abundance and feel it flowing in and around you–there is no more lack. Feast on the abundance of the sea, and then profit from the hidden treasures of the sand. You will discover a tremendous rain of blessings—and with those same waters, I give you something delightfully unexpected!





Written by Dannette Lynn




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