Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 




You’re on the right track, let’s go deeper. Take a deep breath and inhale My love. Unclench your jaw and exhale the worry. Everything will be very good for you, there is no reason to be tense over a dread that will not even happen. Go all in and trust where I take you. Be confident in My kind intentions. 


Submerge your heart deeper into My words with faith, like ocean algae clinging to a rock and absorbing healing nutrients. Things are not as they seem under the constant washing of waves, so don’t get lost by looking at the natural situations. Come to a resting point in the same direction as the promises I have made. 


Even when you feel lost in the ocean, keep looking in the same direction–despite the circumstances or how you may feel. My words to you will always remain steadfast and reliable for you to stay. I will remain faithful, even in difficult times. My power and comfort will be seen and admired in your life. 


Don’t let the fox-fish of fearful thoughts into your heart–those bottom-dwelling algae eaters who voraciously thrive on strong currents. Fear is putting faith in evil. Refuse to think thoughts of bad things that could happen, nor give into the foreboding worries about the future. I will continue to bless you in the fullest possible way–better than you ever dreamed–even beyond overflowing. 


Don’t be sad anymore, but hold your head high with confidence as you believe that you have received the answer to your prayer and it will be done. Not everything happens at the time that you expect, but beloved don’t worry–I will never forget. Although you cannot see the tangibility, you can rest assured that it is there, only sideways from your view. 


Stay relaxed and filled with exuberant joy and calming peace as you believe. Faith is a powerful force. Focus your attention on the desired outcome. Like a compass in your hand, no matter where you stand, let My words always be your only true north. Your focus determines where your faith is resting and what source of power that you are trusting. 


The steps to abundance are paved in love. Rest in My love for you and pick your comfort level. I will greatly increase you and comfort you with blessings once again. Feel the hope of your prayers being answered as you step on a fresh foundation of experiencing My extravagant comforts. 


Keep realigning your thoughts with My words. Like an all-powerful magnet, My promise is connected to you. Have no worries, I will keep reminding you of My love again and again. As you believe, everything else in your life will realign and move out of the way for My promises to manifest. 


You are loved more than you can imagine. I will never fail to refill you with provision and love, like water submerging over you again and again. You are not on a famine, you are on a feast! You have left the shallow water of want and I will make sure that you engulfed with a plethora. I have taken you too far for you to ever hesitate now. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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