Love Letters

Unique Miracle


A love letter from Jesus.  



I will provide for you for the rest of your life and I have promised to answer your prayers. I will always be more than generous to you. I promise that you will see good news! 



 Stay lifted up with the confidence of positive thoughts. I am the One who gives you the power to get wealth, as a keeper of My covenant promises. 


Trust in My faithful love and stay expecting My imminent deliverance. The comforts of My intentional love will manifest to take away every fear. I will provide all of your needs–past, present, and future and I will give you all you can drink until you have encountered the overflow of My abundance.  


You will never swim alone, I am always here as your Ever-present help. I will remain close to you and lead you to quiet brooks of My goodness. Loosen your grip on the rip current, those circumstances that are too big for you to fix yourself and give Me the overwhelming waves of fear. Don’t be dragged over your head nor struggle against the force


Call for My assistance and float trustfully through the water. I’ve separated this moment as a time for you to rest. Let go of what you fear and allow Me to take over. I cannot take care of something that you are constantly holding. 


Everything I have told you is already here and ready for you. Remind yourself of the promises that I spoke about as you reach deep inside your heart with focus and pull them out. Enlarge your place of faith because you are going to be filled beyond your wildest imagination. You will have more than you expect—with fullness until you overflow!


Assume that you have what you hope for as your draw from the watershed of My promise to fulfill your request. Unite your emotions and thoughts to believe and not doubt. I am the beginning of all sources, as your Headwater. Cleave and rely on Me and from your innermost being will come continuous streams of living water. 


Look and expect to see what you asked for as you bring it into being by faith. Your belief is what changes everything. Only accept a positive yes as you press your faith into confident assurance. Believe so deeply that it becomes tangible and you will see fulfillment like a sudden outpouring of My blessings. 


Everything will come at the perfect time and you will not be disappointed. Like a rare hot spring that sends out jets of water under pressure, you will be happy and surprised as bountiful buckets of My love spill over to give fulfillment to your heartfelt prayers–as a unique miracle–unlike no other! 





Written by Dannette Lynn





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