Love Letters

Something Bigger


A love letter from the Father. 




Your prayers of the unseen are coming into being. I have moved you into a new place of My promise and the experience that was afflicting you has officially ended. Refuse any thought that tells you otherwise and let out a confident sigh. Allow the comfort of My words to be your evidence of peace. 


Rest, the toil of the night is over and the sunlight is warming your days with a heart delight. The discomfort of the need is melting away in the absorbing love of My intentional ways. Now you can enjoy the rich satisfaction of knowing My abundance, just as I have promised that you would. You are blessed beyond measure, I promise you this. 


Smell the fresh rain of blessings and the underground fountains bubbling up. It is time to enjoy the treasures of your obedience and the astonishing rewards of your faith. I am giving you special treatment with extra attention to kindness and honor. I am taking away the work of the devourer and he will no longer destroy the fruits of your ground. 


This is a new place of delight and coming face to face with the promises of My hand. I have prepared secret provisions that are hiding in plain sight and a bountiful supply that has been unperceived and unrecognized. It is already here and ready to emerge, accept it by faith. I will continue to fill you until all of your needs are satisfied and it will overflow beyond your wildest dreams.


Something bigger is coming and it is far beyond what you hoped. In an instant, everything will change, like birthing excessive comforts overnight. Open doors are appearing before your eyes and silent requests are coming into a sudden and delightful fulfillment. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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