Love Letters

Dream a Little Dream


A love letter from the Father. 




Dream a little dream at a level above your circumstances. It’s all going to be good so exhale the worry and recline in the shadow of My presence. Precious one, assume that your prayer has been approved. Believe that you have received the desire and it will be done. 


As you change your thinking, your situation will change. Come up here and see things from above! Stay in the high place of thinking that your prayer has been granted. You don’t need to beg, just program it in with confidence in Me to fulfill it. Relax and wait for it to happen, with absolute confidence and assurance, you can have what you want. 


Keep your thoughts on Me and not on what you need. Change your perspective and see My promises above everything. I can do all things and no thought or purpose of Mine can be restrained or withheld. Hold tightly to your faith and rest in My love. Soon your problems will evaporate and you will be free to do anything!


Act and think as if the desire is already yours and refuse to be distracted. Feel the fulfillment and imagine it happening. Abide in My love and let that be the center of your thoughts. You can rely on My love and My promise to you will remain forever. Nothing is stronger or higher than My love. Trust how much I love you! 


Plant thoughts with joy and grow them with My love. The issues of life are found within you and your confident thoughts are creating ripples of change in the water. It is faith in your inner beliefs that will come out to take the place of every bad condition. Replace every negative concern with determined thoughts of My presence to deliver good news. 


When you ask for anything, you can be sure of an answer of approval. As you think it will be, becoming tangible from the inside out. Have confidence in your favor, there is nothing that I would deny you. Faith is confidence in what you hope for— so expect to see what you pray for and stay expecting until it manifests.



I will satisfy you with good things and give you everything in abundance. Consider the prayer My promise and rest in the fulfillment. Everything that you need is already yours, Hidden inside of you! As you believe that your hopes will happen, you enter the very certainty of tapping into My presence of fulfillment. The answer is and always will be yes! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless:

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