Love Letters

It’s Time to Call the Shells In


A love letter from the Father. 




Have no worries. The agitation that you have felt was like seafoam stirring up a much grander scale of answered prayers. The large waves of discomfort have dislodged special treasures that are normally not found. The deep need has pulled out the rescue of provision. The thirst called out the relief of water and the affliction pulled in the desired comfort. 



If you are looking for a treasure, look for something valuable. I put the desire in your heart because I want to give it to you. Just ask and it will be given, on earth as it is in Heaven. Instead of having your mind going to different places, look for your treasure, and be intentional with your thinking.



I will rescue you from every problem and open up a new place of luxurious abundance. Let My promises be your happiness and a continuous stream of provisions. Let go of every bad thought and fill yourself up with positive thinking.



You can change the bad into good! Believe that you have already received it and it will be yours. There will be extremely wonderful things stirred up and delivered to the shore. Good things are coming–double for sure! Now is a time for you to effortlessly receive easy blessings.



It’s time to call in the shells of your heart’s desires and open to the new. Some of the most valuable discoveries are finding their way to you. You are going to experience such an extravagant life–unlike ever before. Much larger than any average treasure, I will outdo your greatest request and most extraordinary thought~ 





Scribed by Dannette Ward



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