Love Letters

Everything Will Come Your Way Now


A love letter from Jesus. 



After the wearisome winter of having barren branches, it may look as though there is nothing to help and no way to cover your expenses. Yet, look again—there is a mysterious treasure hidden in plain sight. It may look hopeless, like a crumpled leaf separated from its stem, and being tossed around in the wind. But beyond the bare branches of how it seems, there is a double blessing that is beyond anything you have ever seen. 



Like the samara seeds of the maple trees, My blessings for you grow in pairs. My promises are unstoppable, growing in even the most difficult places. Instead of only a small leaf, I have hidden away enormous tree-sized blessings for today. The invisible realm is seldom completely still. Like the wind blowing seeds around, there is powerful change dancing and whirling around the focus of your attention.



The abundance that you seek is not out of your reach. I am a Branch that you can grasp. The ending of your ability is the perfect time for Me to emerge. I will surprise your indulgence with unheard-of mind-blowing surprises. It will be so nice, like sweet maple syrup pouring out of the wood. I know everything–inside and out. We are better together! The force of your faith-filled thoughts will mingle with the power of My Spirit streaming from within you.



I will cause good things to move around you, as I disperse your faith-seeds through the wind of a tornado-like vortex moving above and behind you to surround you with My favor. The positive thoughts that you keep will be like the helicopter seeds fluttering through the air and traveling by the wind with aerodynamic lift and precision. 



As you constantly meditate on My promise, you will breakthrough on the inside and it will change your life on the outside. Lean into My words as I lift you up to a high place that is taller than the treetops. I will care for you and lift up the fruitless branches to yield a tremendously spectacular harvest. 



Release the seeds of your optimistic thoughts and decrees and I will match your faith with an overwhelming abundance for all of your wants and needs. Be moved by good thoughts. Positive thinking draws positive results. You will be unusually successful in all that you do. Changing your thoughts will change everything in your life. For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. 



Reawaken your hope and get ready for the best days yet. Cry out and prophesy good news and soak your mind in hopeful outcomes. Believe for big and you will attract big things! With effortless ease, you will always have an oasis of delight in the desperation of the desert. Hold your hopes fearlessly, in your right-standing as a much-loved child, and the Sovereignty of My unwavering promise.



Certainly, as you trust and believe you will never lack any marvelous thing! Believe it! I am able to make every earthly blessing come to you in an amazing plethora so that you are free to move in ways that others have only dreamed about. I have blessed you to be a blessing to those who need to see the unfailing love and compassion of My hands. 



The most decadent and indulgent desires are coming out from within the promises that I have made for your life. There is nothing–absolutely nothing—that can hinder or slow My generous love. I am going to far exceed every thought and hopeful expectation that you have made! 



I am causing you to be a conduit of My richest blessings to produce a heavy shade of refuge for many others. Your ministry will be a sanctuary awning of double-blessings to provide a full life for your family and other families too. The blessings that I have for you will be admired by others and it will be an example of the kind and personal intentions of My heart. 



You will see for yourself and experience levels of My goodness that you could never even fathom that existed. Everything will be like new and the blessing will repeat and duplicate day after day. No longer will you be dry or fainting–but oh so blessed and ever prosperous! Seeds of hope are showing up as a double dose of comfort. Everything will come your way now!





Written by Dannette Lynn



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