Love Letters

Things Hidden Away


A love letter from the Father. 




Keep calm, everything for this time has already been taken care of. Get ready and prepare to look your best, because I am coming in ways that you could never expect. Dress yourself up with pretty thoughts and bubbling excitement over what I will do next and come to sail with Me upon the open waters of increase and abundance. 



Only acknowledge the loss and stay focused on the good. Like a shifting sea-bed, during an underwater landslide, causing a surprise Tsunami of blessings. Or a water tornado that clears a devouring path, but deposits even more fish and water to a different location–the difficult needs that you are desperate to have are being changed into an excessive amount of goodness. 



I won’t desert you. I am always here with you, lovely one. If you pray for anything, and I hear you, then you know that you can have it. And since I am always listening to all that you pray, then you can let out a sigh of relief–knowing it will be done. I have everything that you need and you will lack nothing. The seasons will change and the flower in time will bow her head to fade. But the timeless treasure of My promise to you will never change or be taken away. 



I am leading you to a place of quiet waters and in the process, you will discover buried treasures of tucked-away wealth and secret things I have hidden away. Let the wide-open waters of My abundance set you free, you’ve just got to believe it before it can be seen.



Your battle is over, there are clear skies ahead. Inhale the comforting winds of My kindness. Surely I have singled you out to behold My wonders. Farther than your eyes can see, I am filling you with the blue-waters of My bountiful blessings. You will be immersed in My goodness until you are truly confident in My endless love and intentional help. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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