Love Letters

I Will Hide You From Shame


A love letter from Jesus. 




Do not be worried, this battle is not yours–it is Mine. Do not be afraid, you will not be embarrassed. I will protect your honor and hide you from shame, like a pure and clean valance extending from where you are to the promises that I have given. 


You are safe here under My shadow, there is no need to run from humiliation. I am right here with you to rescue you again. I have covered your offenses, like a valance of diamond-meshed lace. Things only look dark because you are hidden. 


I will comfort you here with true devotion and entwined in perfect love. Despite the darkness that you have walked through, the promises of My life are infinite and present. The flower bed of promise is most vulnerable when in full bloom.


The little foxes that have tormented you will be seized to repay seven times what was taken and you will be restored from the abuse of time and destruction. Raindrops of My love are falling and blinding your enemies as the light touches the water. Despite the attacks, I will pour out even more blessings until your heart overflows with continuous laughter.  


With the ultra transparency of the finest lace, I am unveiling secrets to you that are too wonderful to imagine. Instead of being irritated, you will stand before My face with wonder and amazement. Things will be very pleasant for you with smooth streams of rest and relaxation. Showers of My love are forming hearts in the puddles. 


It will seem illogical to find such tremendous blessings in this place. I am giving you relief from the restrictions, like a lace worker creating a stitch in the air. I am giving you double for your troubles with hidden riches and incredible treasures of darkness. 


All that you have lost will be returned and there will be plenty–even more than you dreamed. My steps have been behind the scenes and you are much closer than you think. You have not seen the rain coming, nor felt the tender affections of My blessings touching your skin. 


Yet the day breathes its morning breeze and the shadows have turned to flee. You are waking up to a brand new morning, like fresh grass saturated in the dew of My love. Never again will the unclean and those who once abused you afflict you again. So brush off the dust and dirt and take your higher placement of honor. 


Things are not as they seem and the hope of your heart is closer than it appears. The promise was concealed in a place that you would have never expected to find it. The empty trench is being filled and the morning blessings are rising to the higher ground. The muddiest water is being transformed and causing every promise to bloom–one after another. 





Written by Dannette Lynn





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