Love Letters

You Can Rely On Me Much More


A love letter from the Father. 



Here is an encouragement for you. I will keep everything right and you will no longer lose. So look straight ahead with concentrated hopes and redirect your thoughts to a positive state of happiness. 


May there be no doubt that I am raising you up to restore you to your chosen place. Forget the past and let the worries go. Things will be very different now–this is a brand new day. I am making delightful things happen for you and you will be known in a new way with an honorable reputation. 


I am protective over you with great attention to enforcing justice. Those who slandered you with pretentious accusations will see that all along you were in My right standing. Many will return with consolation and gifts, others will come with apologies and respect. Even your enemies will be at peace with you, My favored one. 


You can rely on Me much, much more! What is your request? I will do all that you need. Only ask and you will receive. I will fulfill this promise and open a door that no man can shut. From the painful beginning will unfold great recompense and expansion. 


Turn your eyes away from those problems, what was a surprise to you was never a surprise to Me. Let’s move your focus off of where you are currently so that you can enter where you want to be. 


Pray and ask for the rain of your request. Plant thoughts of hope and keep watching for the flowers to open. See the loveliness of your prayer and imagine how it would feel to have it. Envision the dream and envelope your senses into the joy of guaranteed fulfillment. 


The seeds of your prayers are flourishing up! Sow your seeds of faith and be excited to see an instant change. The vine will yield her fruit and the ground will give an increase. I will cause you to possess your prayers and make you independently wealthy so that you can be a vessel of giving. 


This is a royal impartation for you to be restored with twice as much as you have lost. Expect to receive everything in an abundance, even more than you have asked. A flood of honor and blessings are rising up to soak up and dissipate every trace of a negative past. 


Nowhere in the land will there be, such a captivating beauty as the one that I have prepared you to be. All of the pain has flourished into power and confidence for this very special time. The one who was not received–will now be known as My beloved. Instead of being mocked and criticized, you will be known as a windmill of blessings to many and many. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



To sow a blessing:

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