Love Letters

After the Baby


A love letter from the Father. 




Ultimately you have been clinging with all of your heart to the rescuing love of My help. I have been with you through each painful sigh and I will bring the miracle delivery of this answered prayer request. Prepare to hold what you have prayed for, this is My word to you. The freedom of relief is crowning into your view. 


Do I open the womb and not deliver the baby? The answer to your prayer is being released, like the long-awaited birth of a precious baby. You cannot save yourself in this condition, but through My assistance, all things are possible. Like a woman in labor–helpless and vulnerable from the birth-trauma experience, I am calling you into a time of soul relaxation and enjoyment for recovery and respite.  


The travail of intersession has been tiresome with grief. Wanting to give up just before the end is a common reaction to anguish. Trying to believe something that is unseen to emerge into the present moment can be frustrating to grow through. The tears of disappointment from suffering through waiting can blur your vision to see that the hurt is over and you can embrace something new. Often pain intensifies when the water breaks, like heavy rains provoking a volcanic eruption.


Pain can be traumatic to the soul, from fear of having no control or comfort from the anguish. It’s the character carving process of holding onto faith through the fire of desperation. With each contraction, the hindrances of fear and unbelief peeled away to reveal a stronger, more resilient faith and hope that is unfailing. 


The determination of your prayer squeezes deep against the present circumstances, to bring fulfillment to what was spiritually hidden. The contractions come in like waves of increasing intensity at times more painful than ever imagined. Holding faith in a crisis can make it hard to catch your breath. It is an exercise that requires loyal devotion and concentrated attention.  


Painful experiences can negatively influence future decisions if the heart is not bandaged and nurtured from the bitterness of affliction. It is important for you to recognize that you will no longer be the same. The place of your pain has become the space for you to enjoy the desires of your heart. 


My dear, look ahead and leave the perception of frustrating days behind you. Observe afresh what I am doing and perceive the overwhelming goodness of My plans. See Me by the goodness of My words and not through the lens of a negative experience. Don’t be tense by fearing something bad, but stay confident in the kindness of My intentions.  


Let your soul indulge in the luxurious purification from My oasis of love until the pain from the traumatic childbirth memories have faded away and the bleeding has stopped. Rest after the childbirth and take some time to breathe again. 


Relief and celebration will replace the grief and sorrow. Peace will flow like a soft stream along the riverbed and blessings will rain down to give you a constant relief of comfort. The painful ending has revealed a jubilant new beginning! 


When you realize the beautiful bliss of this new season, it will ease your mind and lift your heart. I will soothe your soul with the warmth of My loving-kindness and you will be refreshed with the soft embrace of My comfort. Inhale the peace of this moment and savor the intoxicating thrill of seeing what you hoped for come at last. 






Written by Dannette Lynn





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