Love Letters

Waves of Increase


A love letter from the Father. 





I will take care of you and give you all that you need. Set your gaze on Me–I will never forget or ignore you. Even if the whole world deserted you, the authority of My word stands forever and My love will never fail to produce what I promised. 


Bring your thoughts back to anticipating what you hope to happen. Truly you will shine with sheer delight as I honor your faith and you will not be disappointed. Don’t be fearful by what you see, but rest your entire life into My hands. A heart at peace brings good health and laughter. 


Require by faith what you desire with confident thinking. By the right of your need and the authority of My promise–I will deliver more than you have asked. My Spirit rests on and moves in you and the words that I have placed within you are going to happen. 


Do not be afraid. Wind will always cause waves. The winds of opposition have stirred up tidal waves of blessing and increase. The tempest that you are in has drawn up prophetic promises for you, like whales beaching themselves in solar storms.


What was targeted against you will be used to take you to a higher place. The hurricane evoked a surge of My love to rush in and flood every area that has been dry. The level of the warfare reveals the massive amount of blessing and nothing has the power to take your blessing out of My care. 


Long-awaited prayers are being answered, like ancient sea-turtles that migrate back to the place of their beginning. Start celebrating–these are the days that you have been waiting for! The pressure that has been pulling back the water will be released to give you more than you have ever had.


You will be amazed at this new-found expansion! The deliverance of My love will show up to protect you from any damage. Have no worries–My promise still stands and My unbreakable vows are yours forever. 


You are being revived and lifted from the battle. Your hope will become tangible and will not be broken. You will behold a double surprise–as the treasures that I have hidden emerge into broad daylight. 


I have concluded to bless you and like a torrential flood driven by Eternal winds, I will show up with the fulfillment. You will know no more worries. In place of the attacks, blessing after blessing will pour out to drench you with even more abundant love, increase, and favor. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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