A Forerunner




A forerunner has been given a special assignment and revelation from God. In the walk of a forerunner, he goes through this revelation with the fresh experience of bare feet in trusting Jesus. It is a place never traveled, and the forerunner must obey God with total trust and abandonment. Being a forerunner means following God’s voice, despite what other people think and regardless of what it looks like in the natural realm. 


The forerunner has attuned his ears to the voice of his Shepherd and the voice of a stranger…he will not follow. The forerunner is often misjudged and criticized by the very ones who preach the same, Jesus. All too often, he must walk alone quietly as he awaits God to defend and vindicate all of the slanders. A forerunner is familiar with long-suffering and patience. 


It can be very painful and the forerunner must seek purity in his heart by keeping a constant habit of forgiveness and release of the offense from those who have hurt him. Most who oppose him will assume that they were in the right until God answers out of the whirlwind to reveal the full story that He has given this one to walk through. 


A long time ago, I was given a revelation that the Holy Spirit helped me write into a book. Before the book can be published, the Father put me on a path to first walk through it, as a forerunner. The book delves deep into soul healing and receiving supernatural weight loss and financial abundance. This past couple of years since I started living this way, I have been going through the healing side of the spectrum, for both myself and those in my generational line. 


However, I have to admit that in some ways I have been failing this task. When I first started walking out this testimony, there were so many who walked with me as a loving family. The problem has been that I have offended many. Some of the offense has come by exposing the realness of my heart and some taking judgment against it. Some others were by the misunderstandings of this revelation by ‘well-meaning’ Christians, those whose hearts were in the right place but have not seen this assignment that He asked me to carry. 


The offense that has been heavy on my heart this week is all of those who were hurt by my failure to love and communicate properly. I have never been good at socializing and sometimes I become like a bunny–freezing myself from responding in hopes to be invisible or hopping away from dealing with the confrontations. So many times I just wanted to vanish, rather than anyone to see me, because being hidden is my comfortable place. 


The way that I have handled some people has grieved my heart and I want to give a public apology for those who I have hurt. It hurts me to know that I have hurt people and it is not fair for me to expect those who were offended to understand something new that the Lord has given me to walk through. I am sorry to those of you I have hurt during these past few years and I pray that you will forgive me for how I have handled my end of the communication. I miss your friendships and I pray that you are very blessed. 


Moving forward, I will try to show more love, kindness, and understanding. I also eagerly await the revealing of this story so that the missing pieces can all fit together perfectly. I understand how hard it must be to fathom this crazy faith walk that God has had me on. 


Sometimes I feel so bad for the way He has had me take and I cry to Him in pain. The real secret is that I long with all of my heart to bless you in the way that you have blessed me! Yet I know this will become a timeless treasure and the glory to come will not even compare to the present pain. Thank you to those of you who have loved me through this obstacle course. I pray that you are very blessed for your unwavering devotion and encouragement. 




Much love,


Dannette Lynn





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For deliverance and peace are his forerunners,
preparing a path for his steps.

Psalm 85:6 TPT