Love Letters

Endless Flow


A love letter from Jesus. 



Some changes are necessary for you to enter your dreams. However, take heart–it will not be dreadful like you think. Things will go with ease and work for your good. I have spoken a blessing over you and I cannot take it back. Be confident! I have covered the cost and carried the consequences. 


I will protect you from every accusation and deadly curse. There is no divination against you and no enchantment that can attack. Stay here in the Refuge of My words as the fear vanishes into the dust. 


Trust My plans. Nothing can hurt you. I have determined to stand with you, therefore fear nothing. I have given you a special blessing to cause your fame to grow and you will be a blessing to others. 


Open your heart to Me through trust and welcome Me to flow through you in an endless flow of love to displace the panic. The perfection of My presence will bring harmony to your soul with bursting joy, peace, and beauty. I am with you to give you rest, as the Source of all that you need and hope.  


I am the Gift and the Giver. You will enjoy the pleasure of My goodwill and prosper in the blessing of My hand. Soak away the discomfort by thinking about what you hope. I will do what you have asked because you have gained My trust and blessing, and I know you by name.


You have no restrictions, as you think it will be! As a seed growing quietly, plant thoughts of hopeful and positive expectations. With confidence and gratitude, thank Me in advance.


According to your faith, it will be done. Give Me the bad seeds of fear and worry–depend on Me to take care of them for you. You already have what you prayed for, so move into it by faith and confidence. 


As you meditate on the blessing, the blessing will expand. Sing to your soul, “Oh well–spring up and overflow!’ This will be a moment of a lifetime–do not worry.


I have given you an abundance to flow endlessly. You will not need to struggle for anything. I will pour through you continuously, the endless flow of My provisional love. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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