Love Letters

Expectant Rest


A love letter from Jesus.




As you sit on the gravel feeling downcast, sorrowful and troubled. Remember that My promise is your ever-present rescue. When you are suffering, I suffer too. Why are you walking through these problems, when I have given you the freedom to fly over them?



As an eagle has hollow bones in order to be lightweight in the sky, you also must be released from the heaviness of fear and worry. Don’t be afraid, you will forget the former shame as if it never happened. Abandon all of your thoughts into My promise and I will reward you with impressive prosperity and honor.



To comfort you is My concern. I will take your place with the rescue of My saving grace. Lean onto Me and I will energize you with power. I will pick you up and carry you along out of My enduring love and compassion to help. Trust Me to catch you–the promise still stands. 



 Look, expect, and hope in Me. I will make sure that you fly into the fulfillment of your dreams. You become what you believe. Use your faith to catch the rising currents and rest in the thermal updrafts of My promise. Believe that you already have it and rest in the outcome. 



I won’t give up on you, it is safe to relax into My loyal love. I will bathe you in warm light and give you solace from the warfare. Ask for what you wish and I will do the rest. Glide effortlessly with precision and elegance, as you rest in expectation and await the manifestation. 



Soar faster by changing your thoughts. Change your world with positivity as you push open the door of increase and expansion. Nothing bad will happen to you. Be fearless as you are lifted and carried by My love. 



Shoot up the high mountain by thinking and speaking good news. Open your mouth and don’t be timid. Your eyes will sparkle and shine with delight as you see how I bring it to pass. Blessed are you who believed–believed every word would come true! 





Written by Dannette Lynn Ward


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