Love Letters

Take it Easy


A love letter from the Father. 




Take it easy and relax. I have plenty of goodness stored up for you. Look up at the stars of My promises and count them all if you can. Observe the new galaxies being born and witness with amazement what I am doing with your life! I have spread out a perfect canvas over your heart and I have selected exquisite shades of rainbow paints. 


Each of your fingerprints is engraved on My heart and before your thought is ever formed–I know it. I am standing at the door to your finest days. Open up to Me and don’t be worried about disappointments to be faced. There will be no more shame for you, breathe again as the memory of hurt trickles away. Although you may feel reluctant to trust, take courage–this time you won’t fall. 


Say goodbye to the season of that ongoing pain and see now what I do. Trust Me with all of your heart and mind as the anxieties roll off your shoulders. Keep your thoughts on positive results. Yes–I am compassionate and eager to help. I protect the trusting and child-like. Return, oh little soul to the place of rest. 


Lift up from the weary night with hope and excitement. I am going to move bountifully for you with extravagant provisions. Blanket your soul in My blessings and feel the absorbant hues of My love. 


It’s safe to dream again! I put the desire in your heart as a longing to fulfill. Good things are going to happen–look up at the expanse of limitless expectations. There are so many immeasurable things that I will do, above and beyond all that you can ask or think!


Don’t believe the sour news of scarcity and trouble. I will fully protect you and you will be honored. Nothing that you can imagine will be impossible. See the fresh buds of something new! Think about a wonderful world and paint it into being with your thoughts. 


Be loyal to your faith in the unseen and you will experience astronomical results. Put the invisible into your view and conclude that it is done. All things are possible, you are a creator like Me! Design the life that you want and believe it into certainty. 


I am honored by your faith and confidence in trust. Look around and notice the plush grass and well-watered gardens. See the birds finding an abundance in the highest treetops. It will be–just as you imagined! Faith brings your hopes into existence and is a conduit to receive what you are longing. All that you desire already exists in you. As water reflects the face, so the heart reflects the man. 


An optimistic faith guarantees Divine approval. Open up with boldness and don’t shrink back. What is seen is made out of the invisible. Have enduring trust and confidence in My goodness. Lay back and expand your heart to receive. With limitless capabilities and superabundant life-giving power– imagine what will be! 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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