Love Letters

Shine with Hope


A love letter from the Father. 




Be expecting something good and prepare your mind as you look forward with confidence. Let your light shine with hope and what you are seeking will be outwardly revealed. How you see Me will determine the level of your experience. I will show up with good news to give you what you are expecting. 



Start imagining that you have what you seek and be saturated in the power of believing. My promise is full of energy to flow freely through your weakness. Focusing by faith in Me is purity. I have protected you from the sting of the curse, that you could enjoy the abundance of joy and peace that comes from a mindset of optimistic thinking. 



Faith operates through love, remember how much I love you! Move radiantly through the foggy night with unhindered faith as I shelter you. Don’t worry about what will happen, but be ultimately certain that you will see My overwhelming goodness. I have given you a ‘no fear’ promise, so take a break and rest in My adorations. 



Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your heart. Open your eyes to see the shimmering decor of faith in celebration. With unbridled acceptance, come boldly with your heart full of peace, knowing that you have received the mistletoe kiss of My power fulfilling your petition. 



Believe it is happening, the limitations are completely up to you. In order to expand into receiving, you must first feel as if you do. Persuade yourself with encouraging thoughts and decide that you have what you want. Believe it into existence. As you think you will become, so conclude with determined faith that you are what you want. 



Change the focus of your attention and imagine that you are a child receiving a gift. Moving by faith is invisible but more powerful than anything else. Choose the think about blessings and not a curse. Focus your thoughts on the promise and not the problem. Act and think as if you already have it. Believe that you have received it and you will. Shine with hope as the unfolding of My promises light up the darkness. 



This is a special moment for you to be comforted on every side. Your days are going to forever change in the blink of an eye. There will be constant blessings that pour in, like abundant rain showers that never end. Anticipate something entirely new to spring forth producing tears of happiness. What will happen next, are the manifestations of what you hope for and the delivery of what I have promised!





Written by Dannette Lynn



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