Love Letters

Just As I Have Told You


A love letter from Jesus. 



I have told you before the prophecies happened so that others who heard your predictions would know that you are a true prophet of the Lord. This time was used to establish you with respect, every word I will perform. I am establishing to you through what I have shown you before. This will be a grand celebration of vindication and honor! 


Put on your royal robes of confidence, be brave enough to trust Me. I will take care of you, resist the urge to limit My ability. You are an honorable friend of God, you have the Favor to receive what you speak. 


Your prayer has been heard, every word that I have spoken will come true right on time. You are beautiful with My beauty, nothing is impossible with Me. You have nothing to fear, I have a surprise for you! Only believe what I said, believe every word will come to pass. 


I have overwhelmed you with My mercy, it will turn out exactly the way you have been told. When you are misunderstood and contradicted, you are in good company, so was the world with Me. My grace is with you. You are Mine, chosen, and marked by My love. Do not worry about the opinions of others, I will openly crown your head. 


Step up into boldness, fully believing what you have heard. Declare a thing and I will establish it. My light will shine on all of your ways. I have redeemed you from the enemy. I rescued you because I delight in you. I am putting a new song in your mouth, that will cause you to rejoice. 


Unexpectedly My comforts will come, as a sudden surprise to turn around your circumstances. From the low place, you will fly high with My seal of approval and spotlight of favor.  I will make a way through this place and I will save you by manifesting My word to break apart the night. I will vindicate you by doing exactly what I have told you. 


Such honor you have never imagined! All will see that you are My friend, who I share secrets with. Those who mocked you or falsely judged you will see that you are a true prophet of the Lord. You are highly respected, I perform every word. Did I not say that if you believed, that you would see the Glory of the Lord?


Partner with Me, to dance to the song of My heart. Have confidence in what I show you, have the confidence to believe. Listen to My words and declare what I speak. Be brave to trust. In this night so still, with full anticipation, the word in your spirit leaps. 


I have told you before so that when it happens you will believe. At any moment, everything will change. Your heart will fold in worship as you see how I have prepared ahead. Your ears will hear Me say, ‘Did I not say it would happen?’ This is the time where I am establishing you as My friend, a true prophet of the Lord. Just as I have told you, everything will unfold.





Written by Dannette Lynn




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