Love Letters

Laugh at Sea


A love letter from the Father.  




Even when I lead you through the deep depths of darkness, do not fear because I am with you and I am on your side. Like swimming through the midnight ocean, where the pressure is intense and the temperatures are frigid, not one fear will be allowed to touch you. 


Calm your heart and do not be afraid. If the ghost shark tries to intimidate you with a dead-eye glaze, remember that I am with you and I will keep you safe. Leave every worry with Me and I will care for everything with double the grace. 


Though you cannot see in this place of perpetual darkness, the promises that I have made are still shining and even the darkness is as light to My eyes. Here in this place where fears whisper thoughts of dread, I have prepared the blessings of your hopes instead. No matter what happens, you will not fall from My protection. 


Those who charge against you will plunge to ruin, as I lavish My favor over your head. I will cause you to overflow again and again with My blessings, therefore who should you dread? I am bigger than anything that you fear, so rest your world into My care. 


Beloved, fly over what you fear like a dumbo octopus of the ocean abyss. Use positive thoughts and hopeful imaginations to propel and steer yourself away from the threatening currents. Keep your mind on all that I have promised you and you will experience peace in the midst of every condition. 


My plans for you are better than you can dream of! You can count on Me to deliver to you the opposite of what you dread. Nothing could ever change My royal decrees, mightier than the waves of the sea is My love for you! Since I am on your side, you can be fearless–afraid of nothing. With total confidence in who I am for you personally, ignore the threats and laugh at sea! 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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