Love Letters

Give Birth to the Promise


A love letter from the Father. 




Something new is coming. Believe it! A new beginning is here. The unstoppable rains of My love are falling to cause you to give birth to the promise. I am going to do what you have been asking Me to do–to restore you with relief and added comfort. 


I promise to do exactly as I have said. It will be complete bliss…where the trees grow taller, the water flows faster and you are abundantly refilled. Trust Me to deliver this baby just as I have told you–I personally will! Celebrate now that hope has arrived. As you believe you will be filled with overflowing joy and perfect peace.



Even if it feels like it couldn’t happen, stay at ease with completely positive thoughts. All things are possible–didn’t I say? Let yourself be confident that I am reliable and true to My words. I will remember My covenant, the promise that was made between Me and you. I have surrounded every minute of your life in My governing power. 



Hold your head up like a queen! In this opposing condition that you see, I will bathe you in the blessings of My pure waters. With enveloping compassion, the suffering that you have known will be washed away, as I anoint you in the beauty of My fragrant oils. 



The pain that you have endured will fade away here, as I dress in you the most luxurious linens and exquisite garments of tangible promise. Instead of the lowly place, you will dine on elegant meals of My favor and the richness of My goodness dripping with sweet honey. 



Teardrops will become diamonds as the wonder of this promise is born. My dear, it is time to give birth to this promise. You will become famous for the extraordinary blessings of beauty from ashes–a beauty flourishing from My splendor! 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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