Love Letters

Blessed to be a Blessing


A love letter from the Father. 




I am proclaiming a season change. Here now, you are moving into better days. Like muscat grapes expecting an early bloom, I am taking you into a more comfortable space. You will be protected from the harsh warfare of bitter winds. I am giving you so much joy to ease your soul from the bitter wounds. 



Be calm and rest in My love. I will give you an outcome that is both noble and beautiful. My peace is your heritage and I have better gifts reserved for you–to outdo all that you have hoped. So don’t be troubled or overwhelmed. Instead expect the opposite of your fears to happen. 



You are blessed to be a blessing and that is a promise from God. Trust Me in all of your ways and you will experience comforting safety with blessings pouring over. Keep watching! You will be amazed as I elevate you, despite the opposition that has been resisting. Great blessing and wealth will permeate your days so that you can be a generous help to others. Your hands in Mine–so true and tender. 



Instead of continuous suffering, I will make you famous as I openly declare to you My love. You have a special place in My heart and I will cause your reputation to increase and grow. With rushing expectations, prepare to expand and be filled. I have held those anguishing prayers and I have remembered the place where you have knelt. I am fulfilling your cries and the disgrace will be no longer. 



You will be energized and refreshed by the new healing I bring. Like a baby, I will carry you and take away the afflictions. With a tranquil heart and cheerful smile, lift your hands with joy! I have approved and accepted your prayer and I will continue to carry out My covenant of steadfast loving-kindness. I will love, bless, and multiply you, to make My statement grand. 



Your life is becoming full again! Now I am giving you the dew of Heaven so that you are blessed and blessing to others. You are moving into a plethora and right before your eyes, I will restore you with an excellent endowment. For I alone have given you rest, as the grapevine produces an abundance to envelop you with the intentional pursuit of My love. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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