Love Letters

Who I Am For You



A love letter from the Father. 



You are destined to be a leader who is pure in heart. Unlike many others, you have integrity and are soft in hearing My voice. The convictions of your heart are greater than anything money or status could do. From the very beginning, I have chosen you. 


You will lead out many. A forerunner, who lights up torches, and leaves them along the road. Others will follow you with the light that you leave. You are very special to Me because I drew you out of many waters. 


From the dry heat of the desert testing, I will bring you to the pools of My refreshing waters. You will behold My majesty and encounter My flame. The many trials that you have faced, was not to punish you.


Rather, it was the stretching of your faith, as you learned the intentionality of My love for you. With each problem that you faced, you grew so much taller. Strength was formed within you as if chiseled from a rock. 


You had to learn to trust Me, as trust is often earned. Through each step of your journey, I was showing you deliberate and faithful love. I want to be the Father to keep you safe at night. I want you to always know that I protect you and that I am mindful of all of your ways. There is no detail in your life that I do not know and My timing will never be too late. 


The place where you have suffered the most is the place that I will abundantly bless. When troubles come and your heart is burdened, just wait for Me and rest. I will raise you up to walk above the atmosphere and I will hold you in My love. I am so much bigger than you can even comprehend. Learn to rest in My hand and there you will abide. 


Rest the weapon that ends all negatives, bring your burdens to Me. Just trust in Me and know that you are safe in My plans. In returning and rest you will be saved. Quietness and confidence will be your strength.


Turn every thought into a positive and know that I am good. Rest is about what you believe. In resting you will have confidence that I will turn every situation that you see into good. There will never be a time that you are not blessed and deeply loved. 


This journey builds your courage in who I am as your Dad. Sometimes I will have you take a long way so that we can grow together as one. When your feet get weary, I lift you and carry you to the end. I want you to know Me as a friend. With every step that we go on your journey, I have an opportunity to show you, My relentless love. It’s a journey of relationship and I am determined to show you the very nature of My heart. 


Soon you will leave this desert and take off like a jet plane. Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead. Even when you had to suffer for a little while, I am always faithful. Everything will be made beautiful in My time. What looks like a terrible mess in your life, will be turned around to reveal the amazing beauty that I have designed for you. 


Trust Me for your needs, there is a purpose for everything. To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. In your eyes, you see a journey of testing. In my eyes, I see you coming into the depths of My heart. Lay back and rest, let go of every worry. 


In the resting position, you will begin to hear the beating of My heart. Rest in the intentionality of My purposes and plans. Rest in My goodness and love. Enjoy the journey of experiencing My power in your life. I am making all things new, so rest in confidence in who I am for you.






Written by Dannette Lynn





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