Love Letters

Trust the Captain


A love letter from Jesus. 


Be calm and listen to Me. You will be comforted. Those whispers of fear are not telling the truth. From the deep lament of your cries, I am lifting you up into a major rise. Blessing after blessing will sweep over, around and under all that you do. 


Deny yourself the urge to quit and resist the temptation to give in to despair. I will recharge you with new strength and give you time to rest. You will be soothed from every fear, as I ladle clear pools of water into your hands. 


I am your Ever-Present Help to be all that you need and I am your Love Captain to give you soothing relief. Take My hand now and do not be afraid My darling—I will help you. Trust in the wings of My word and find solace in My power working all things for good. 


You are rising up and over every difficult situation and I will again give you laughter. With agility and speed, I will raise you up into happiness. Let My words be your focus, as a favorite song that strums in your ears from dusk to dawn. Relax your shoulders and head as you lean into My love. 


Trust in the promises from the Captain. Believe in My words amidst the pressure and they will solidify as the security to carry you above all limitations. For you will drink deep from cool streams of water and never run dry. Even the heat will be used to draw out thirst-quenching waters for every need. You are blessed and no matter what you do–you will prosper~






Written by Dannette Lynn



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