Love Letters




A love letter from the Father. 




Can I prepare a table spilling with blessings for you in the wilderness? Believe despite what your circumstances have denied you. From the stony place of opposition, I will cause waters to burst out with sparkling streams flowing where there was nothing. 


You are not restricted anymore, because I have ordered your relief. All things are possible when you believe. So think about how you want things to be and not how they are. Imagine the joy that you would feel and be immersed in feeling that it has been done. 


My authority is your solace of peace and you will always have more than enough. Heaven itself will open up to you, pouring blessings too far and deep for you to consider. I will not forget you. I will be true to My promise, so do not entertain a second thought. Instantly crush any negative thought and do not follow after the echoes of worries or fearful emotions. 


Keep My vows locked in your heart and mind. Trust Me without trying to reason how. Your cup overflows, so with confidence open your mouth to be full. Great waters of My loving relief will overflow its banks to wash away the trace of affliction. 


You will be incredibly enriched with your sought desires and I will soften the hardship with gentle showers. I have blessed you with relief so that the pastures of your wilderness drip with dew and with deep sighs, you will fill your lungs with the swell of experiencing freedom from pain and sorrow.  





Written by Dannette Lynn


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