Love Letters

A Dream Realized

A love letter from the Father. 



The dream that you have is alive but needs to be realized. Let’s work together to cause it to come true. You are a creator like Me. Dream it and build just the way that you see.



Unlock the power of positivity because faith is a magnet for fulfillment. I have given you wings of faith to fly above all that you can imagine. Visualize and actualize the desire within you. 



I am the light that moves with you and everything under the light has a shadow. I have given you the authority to bring it into being. When you move, the shadow moves and I am ready to move with you into manifestation.




 Cast a shadow with optimistic thoughts and attract the manifestation with your proclamations. Say it over and over and expect to receive it. Knowing that I love to give good gifts, how much more will emerge when you ask Me.




Your dream is coming alive and your heart will swell and, yes, burst! Look and expect for it to happen. Keep believing and saying that it is done and I will do it! 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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