Love Letters

This One Belongs to Me


A love letter from the Father. 




Before you were even born, I set you apart. You have always felt a little different than everyone else around you. That is because you are. I have made you unique to belong to Me, as My chosen child. Your heart is different, you have a special bond to Me, a closeness to Me that many dream to have. 


I often will show you things before they happen, because I am a God of knowledge. Although you have gone through a time of humbling, as being the least, I will raise you up to stand upon the mountain tops.


 I will keep your feet on My straight path and give to you an inheritance of My Glory. I will exalt you in strength and I have given you favor with Myself and with man. Even your enemies will bless you. All that you set your hands to do, I will cause you to prosper, because I love you.


I will raise you up as My own, to be My faithful minister. Your heart is special with a great love for Me and you will be pleased to do according to what is in My heart and mind. We have a special bond, you and Me. 


As I come to stand beside you, you will answer eagerly to Me. You love to hear My voice and I love to share My heart with you. As you grow in Me, I will put My words in your heart. No word that I give you shall ever fall to the ground, but I will perform them all. I will make you known as My true prophet and I will honor you because I love you. 


You will be established by Me. As you rest in Me, I will continue to reveal Myself to you and give you My secrets. Hold My word in your heart and believe what I tell you. As you exalt My word, I will promote you. On your head, I will place a crown of grace and the beauty of My splendor. 


I will guard your steps, so they will not be hindered and you will not stumble, even as you run. Whether you walk or run, the path before you will shine brighter and brighter with My presence, until the day that I call you home to heaven. 


I have filled you with My promises to spread all around. You will be My vessel of hope for the deliverance from the oppression that many have faced. My wisdom is given to you. Through the deep waters of My heart, I will take you and fill your hands with treasures to share. 


Prayer will be a generous gift for you to give to others. I will share with you My heart to love My people and when you cry out to Me, I will hear you. There will be no need to fear the enemy because I will thunder against every accuser and send them all away, 


I will be a friend to help you and I will leave you with a testimony of the experience of My helping hand to you. Like water rushing through a garden hose, I will flow My spirit through you. To others will you will impart, all that I have given to you. 


You are My child of love and you are set apart to Me. I am the Lord and I have chosen you. My favor on you is a sign to those far and near, that this one belongs to Me.  




Written by Dannette Garza



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