Love Letters

So Unlimited



A love letter from Jesus. 



Bow your heart near the stream of My words and rest your compass on My promise. The waters of provision are rising over the roads. You will have a plentiful supply and it will brim over with a myriad of an unexpected plethora. Prepare to recover all of your losses above and beyond. I have secluded riches for you that can never be taken from you again. 


 Relax and be still. I am here with you to help and to care. I will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what is important. Navigate to the river road. I assure you that the good news is not over for you. Even if everything looks different, My promise is still unmovable. 


Turn on the tap of unlimited access and leave your worries in the wake. In this oasis of island waters, I give you the world. I will care for all that concerns you as you enjoy the carefree days ahead. Remain in the place of hoping for a good outcome and expect the best. Let your thoughts be consistently optimistic and keep watching for a good surprise.  


Trust Me with all of your heart as you dive deep into the turquoise sea to uncover the buried treasures bleeding with pure love. I am on your side to ensure that everything works out perfectly good.


In the gigantic dazzling ocean of My heart, you are not confined or restricted anymore. Yes! You’ll be over your head in rich waters that feel so nice. It’s too late to stop the power of My love. Constant favor and continuous surprise blessings will emerge, cluster after cluster. Wherever you go and always, you will be refilled with loving provisions that will never be depleted or exhausted again. 





Written by Dannette Lynn


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