Love Letters

New Level


A love letter from the Father. 



Now cling to this promise as I melt away the struggle. Know that I am with you and I will watch over you wherever you go. So live with faith and confidence in My power and goodness. A fountain will continue to flow to quench all of your needs. There will be no doubt that I have been with you as you are boosted with the airflow of honor. 


The troubles are turning around with an unexpected wind and sudden plot twist. A new day is dawning and you will be deeply moved by amazing encounters. You are rising above the clouds with easy blessings and those who despise you will remorsefully see it. 


Don’t be worried dear friend, how fortunate you are that you believed in the fulfillment of My promise. I am pulling you close to remind you of your favorite song that I wrote…the one that I sang when you were dreaming. Lifted to high esteem, you will be considered blessed by all generations. 


You will feel better without the pain as I help you to begin again. I will refresh and restore your soul with the comfort of My kindness and love. I will show you the completeness and satisfaction that you have been craving. All will celebrate with your prosperity, but the words of the wicked will be brought to ruin. 


I am lifting you up from the lowly place to set you up higher than you have dared to imagine. I will exalt your name to the level of the great ones who are on the earth. You see, sorrow is not what you were born for. Now you will break out of the hardship just as embers break loose and fly from the fire.


With a phenomenal new level, I am elevating you with the dignity of an ariel view. You will be fully absorbed with plenty, even while you are restfully sleeping. I am sending the flourishing rain upon your prayers to do marvelous things of unfathomable heights. 


The time has come to fulfill your dreams, don’t look down because soon you will be seeing stars! The endless possibilities will seem even more beautiful as you are drenched with favor and abundance. The dream has ended, it’s time to wake up into the love of manifestation. Now you will be comforted from the sorrows as you feast and indulge in My graciousness of dreams come true and answered prayers. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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