Love Letters

On the Top


A love letter from the Father. 




You are now at the top, the past days are over. Coming into a higher place will require you to face fears from the past disappointments. This time is going to be good. Don’t be afraid of falling, I will uphold you with My loyal love. It’s okay to be afraid, I won’t let you down. Release your memory of elapsed suffering and step in. 


I am with you to remind you that I can be trusted. Every day I will show you again and again how faithful My love is to provide and protect. My vows to you start and finish pure. You don’t have to force this miracle. I will manifest as the comfort that you desire and unearth the golden treasures that I have reserved. 


This is your fresh start. You are far from surviving the shallow end. The heat that you endured was used to draw the surplus of water out. The faith-testing from the past is now your reward. With fullness, you will receive blessings spilling over! 


The hardest part is over, now it’s all downhill. This is a new day. Things are going to happen sooner than you think. Relax and enjoy the ride, this will be the time of your life. Don’t look to understand it, rest your shoulders back and leave the details to Me. With a daily harvest, I will do many miraculous wonders for you to see. 


Be confident with anticipation because I am exceeding your expectations. What you thought would be far away is happening now. Things will happen very quickly, one thing and then another. Today you will see a sign to drive away doubt. I have safeguarded your steps, it will be just as I told you.


I generously supply abundant seed for the farmer and I am even more extravagant towards you. I will give you all that you need, plus more. You will be abundantly enriched with multiplication. Your harvest time is swollen, running over its banks into the river’s edge. You don’t have to suffer what you dread again. Exhale as you trust Me. 


This day I will begin to magnify your experience of My goodness by the authority of My word. My unending supply will never be drained out again. Your wealth is now being replaced as stream beds restored by torrents of rain. My love is pouring out to quench the flame and utterly soak you in alleviation and rest. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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