Love Letters

Mining for Diamonds


A love letter from Jesus. 




To the lover of God, My unique treasure—you are a Diamond bearer of promises, handpicked to be unfathomably rich in faith to access the unsurpassed Kingdom riches. I have made a covenant with you, to bring your soul delight. This I have pledged with My heart, out of My immense devotion to you. 



Only in the hands of a master Craftsman does the diamond realize its beautiful depths. I have already prepared what you need in unrestrained dimensions that cannot be measured! Begin at the end, as if it is already in your hands.



You have taken quite a journey, yet there are bountiful comforts awaiting your acceptance. All that I have belongs to you. Vision creates reality and I will do infinitely more than you can reckon. Look around and notice the grassy plains of My permissions complete with well-watered and abounding provisions. 



The Kingdom of God is within you as a realm of governing power. Reach with your faith and mine for diamonds to produce. All will call you happy and blessed, as I pour out a blessing too great for you until there is no more room to receive it. 



Look up from your troubles to see from above.  I am right here with you, as a wall of fire for your defense and the radiating presence within. Come into the awareness that if something does not exist in Heaven, then it doesn’t have to be in your life. You have been ransomed from the affliction. A curse cannot work if you do not believe it. 



Your prayer is already answered, as glittering diamonds carried downstream from the Kimberlite. In the midst of the clay and mud, there are sparkling treasures to cover all that you set your heart on. For every negative in your life, I have provided a double blessing to take its place. 



Believe in the reality of My unlimited supply of unseen gifts and they will become tangible and manifest. The promise is sure and it will not lie. The language of My love happens in your heart, feel as though you have it and be enveloped with the answer to your prayer request. 



I will surprise you with many awe-inspiring wonders. There is nothing that you can imagine to do that will be impossible for you. Extract diamonds from the deep seabed, as you envision that what you have been seeking has already arrived. Imagine yourself as blessed–and let your joy be filled ! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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