Love Letters

Once Again You Will Be Comforted


A love letter from the Father





Just breathe and pause for a moment. Remind yourself of the things that I have said. Keep your head in the clouds and concentrate your memory on what I have revealed. Lift your chin with hope and saturate yourself with the vision. My promise will bring you solace in the midst of your troubles and relief from the difficult time. 


Indulge your imagination in My promises and you will see a demonstration of life-giving streams as underground water is released. I will never fail to satisfy your deepest needs. My words will show up like heavy rains of unfailing love to remind you that you are cherished. 


Drink from the cup in My hand, all of these blessings are yours! My promises will be fulfilled and upheld and you’ll come to trust Me and understand who I am. Listen to Me, all that you are seeking will be released and I have so much more in store as a surprise. 


Be thinking and expecting good things! I have even better for you. I will give you more than enough of every good thing–and you will never suffer this again. I am opening up the hidden reservoirs of water and you will gain more and more. 


Remember My promises–and My goodness–good things are going to happen! I will bring your hopes into reality and do things beyond your ability to imagine. You will say “thank you!” because I will provide water in the desert and cause rivers to flow through the impoverished ground and once again you will be comforted. 








Written by Dannette Lynn



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