Love Letters



A love letter from Jesus.  


Ah, My dear, so miserable and distressed! With unquenchable desperation for a prayer to be fulfilled and feeling ornery on account of discomfort and thirst. This thirst has been leading you to drink from the Well of the One who watches you.


Despite all of your emotions and a soul so traumatized, believe in My generosity. I will rebuild you by making your hope appear before your eyes. I have granted your desperate request and I have listened to your cries to feel My comforting relief. 


Come now, look up from your grief and you will see that the well of support is not far away. I made a relationship with you that is bonded together in loyalty and love. Trust Me: I am going to give you this hope. You will receive a special blessing from My generous love and I will make good things happen for you. 


I mean what I am telling you and I will help you. Remember how I came through for you before and trust Me to be there again. I am with you wherever you may be. Even if you take the wings of the dawn or dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there I will be! 


The provision that you are seeking is hidden within your thoughts. Believe and have confidence that My promise is certain. Cleave with your thoughts to My kindness and love. My faithfulness will stand for all time and I will bless everything that you do! 


Use your thoughts of faith to call the blue waters to come and they will flow endlessly from the ladle of My infinite support. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths as you believe to cover the thirst-stricken ground. 


My promise to always care for you is for all time. You are loved! You are blessed! I will nurture your soul with the answer to your needs. Praise in advance for your prayers coming true. Suddenly you will be surprised by joy and erupt into laughter in a quickening moment.





Written by Dannette Lynn



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