Love Letters

This is Not the End


A love letter from the Father. 



Follow the trail of stars and bathe with Me in the lights. I am extending to you unprecedented favor to gather remarkable gifts! Am I not above the highest arc of heaven? You need to change your thoughts and remember that I am good. There is nothing that you can dream that will ever be withheld. 


I will reaffirm My promise of blessing to you and your family. I have covered your debts and paid every price. I will stand by My word to give you the desire that you prayed about. From the time that the sun breaks over the horizon until it sets again and stars fill the sky, know that I will provide and fulfill every promise. 


This is not the end, the tears that you have sown in the dry riverbeds are coming back as showers of blessings. You will be amazed by what appears and it will seem so unreal. Like a dream–only better! I will baffle your mind and permeate your heart with exuberant laughter. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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