Love Letters

It Will Happen


A love letter from the Father. 



Endings are also beginnings. The ending of pain is the awakening of a dream. Keep your eyes on this moment with Me and put aside the wandering things. Attend to this next step and you will behold the beauty of what you have desired to embrace. 


Don’t be afraid of what is ahead, every worry is an illusion. Come to Me with your burdens and cares. I will comfort you and take away your fears. With special concern, each and every day, I will reveal My goodness and love. I have a plan and everything has been prepared. 


Cherished heart, draw into the loveliness of My face as the distractions become like smoke fading away. Count your stars of promise and endeavor to concentrate with an undistracted focus on the words that I say. 


Be astonished by child-like wonder! Whatever you pray or ask for, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Believe that when you pray, I will listen and manifest your request. Be doubtless and have integrity with yourself. 


Look and see! I am doing things for you that you cannot even fathom and much more than you can envision. Give shape to the invisible by locking into your imagination. Imagine that you have your promise and empower yourself with hope. Look deeper and further and have faith in Me!


The unfolding of My glorious words is revealing My relentless support. Just watch and you will see it happen! The intentionality of My love has broken through and the promise is yours. The joy of what you have been hoping for is at hand and I will cause you to laugh again. Open your mouth with anticipation and claim it as yours. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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