Love Letters

It Can Be Such a Surprise


A love letter from Jesus. 




In the center of the ballroom dance with the Me, the King. Let Me take the lead and come into perfect harmony. With eyes only on each other, sway to My heartbeat. I am the hope of hopes and the dream of dreams–a Gift to bring your prayer into reality. 



My leadership will bring such prosperity–beyond anything you have ever seen and a sense of peace that melts away the grief. Place your feet next to Mine, we are in sync as we dance. Disregard to My instructions dishonors the blessing of My gift. 



Commit your heart to My plans with delight and surely I will give you the desires and petitions that you seek. I am with you and I will watch over you everywhere that you go. I want you to enjoy success and I do not have plans to harm you. 



I will never leave you…rest assured I will fulfill My promise. Lean closer to the melody of My song. Stay here, blessed and sheltered by My promises. I promise with an oath to give you what you are asking for. 



Trust patiently in Me to answer your prayers. You can’t see the flower grow nor the progress it has made. From the dark earth of being unseen, suddenly it sprouts out of the soil. Likewise, I am always working behind the scenes. Remain calm, I know when the time is right. 



Ever present and never failing, I am setting a new pace and giving you an increase of blessings–more than you expect with flooding goodness. Like a king tide, I am pouring out more than you have ever imagined, raising your standard of living. Showing up suddenly, it will be such a surprise!





Written by Dannette Lynn



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