Love Letters

A Time to Comfort


A love letter from Jesus. 



Things will go smoothly now, as I express a love to you that has never been shown to you before. From being needy with suffering and a heart wounded within, I have an epic surprise to give you maximum comfort and rest. 


I am restoring your soul with new memories of joy. I will comfort you from the fears and make you feel whole again. You will sink into the sheer enjoyment of experiencing My promises day by day, and not be agitated like this again. The pain that you have known will vanish like a shadow that lengthens and fades. 


A new day has arrived, sprouting with life as grass in the springtime. Stand in the light of My love and feel.the warmth on your cheeks. I have listened to your prayer and have witnessed the tears falling down your face; therefore I am going to heal you from the anguish. You will be well provided for, even while you rest. 


For those who mourn it is a time of comfort. I have ordered blessings to burst open for you from hidden recesses in the subterranean depths to ease your frustrations. Instead of suffering, you will see double the delight. I will wrap around you as a tangible relief of comfort instead of depression and sadness. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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