Love Letters

Expectant Release


A love letter from the Father.




My dear, tell Me about this trial, as deep and wide as the sea. Reach through the disquieted sighs of your soul to the comfort of My relief. Remember that your hope will not be disappointed when grievous thoughts fill your mind. 


As wind blowing through the surface of the ocean, use the disturbances of your troubles to lift up a prayer wave of fulfillment. An imbalance must be restored. The more a wave is compressed, the higher the peak will go. Use the persistence of your prayers as the energy passing through the water, to cause an upsurge.


Harness your thoughts with confident faith as the wellspring pours over. Count on My favor, for as you think it will become. Keep pleading for the longing until the crest reaches a breaking point. It will be good news as you expectantly hope in Me, nothing that you can imagine will be withheld. 


You will discover all of the blessings that you seek and much more than you can plan on. Press into expectation until what you are seeking is launched upward and out. I will give you the release of your expectations. Through the power of your eager prayers, I will do so much more than you can think or hope. Keep asking and the gift is yours! 






Written by Dannette Lynn



To sow a blessing:



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