Love Letters

Even the Same Day I Will Bless You


A love letter from the Father. 



One step forward looked like two steps back. Believing for so much and yet returning finding nothing. Overwhelmed with sorrow and sinking in despair by what felt like an endless pursuit of coming back empty-handed. 


Although it has seemed as if you were falling farther towards the ground, it is the impact of the fall that triggers the acorn’s growth. The shudder felt by the earth, causes the larva to go deep into the soil. A single seed within a tough outer shell holds much power. Don’t even look at what you see any longer, this place will now be rebuilt. 


What you change at this moment will make a powerful impact. This is no time to quit, but keep sowing your seeds and you will keep reaping 100 times more. Get your faith back up and start to spread. Speak your dreams into reality, as a small acorn that holds a magnificent oak. 


I am making things right for you, expect a sudden change! Blessings will spread quickly, too fast for you to collect. Then such healing and such repair. I will raise you up again and give you enormous wealth. Imagine this vacant wasteland blossoming with the fragrance of sweet primrose and an ocean array of mixed wildflowers.


I have put a blessing on you and you can be assured that vow I will honor. Thriving in the desert, the oaks that you have planted will sprout up side by side. Shimmering with new life, you will drink deep from revitalizing springs. In the place of scattered seeds, I will bless you–even the same day! 





Written by Dannette Lynn




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