Love Letters

I’ll Write Your Name With Stars


A love letter from Jesus. 




I’ll write your name with stars of promise and satisfy every heart desire. I will defend your honor and stand up for you now. Although you have bathed in suffering and have been planted in disgrace and weakness. I am raising you up with double honor and overflowing blessings. 



From this moment on, you are shameless. I promise to bless you and protect you today and always. You are not defined by what other people think or the understanding that they have. Just because you have walked through torment does not mean that it is part of you. You are so much more than anyone knows or comprehends. 



Place the crown back on your head. Stand in your place in the front row. No longer hang your head in embarrassment. Stir up your confidence and remember who you are. In the place where there was a curse, generational blessings now flow. I am adorning you with true blessings and lavishing you with precious gold. I have heard your cries and seen your tears. Your prayer will be fully established and I will respond with even more. 



The time has come that I lift you up. Look up to the stars of My promise, if you can count them all. I am giving you a new name written in the glory of My word. You will be known in a new way and I will cause your fame to grow. So rest your heart in Mine and let me carry your burdens and worries. 



Because of My persistent love, worshipful songs will rise from those who see where I take you. I will honor you in the presence of others and no one will despise you. Before My watchful eyes, I will establish you and resist those who try to harm you. You will be crowned with honor and shine brightly like the stars as My light reflects upon you. Never in your wildest dreams, could you even expect the unbelievable things that I will now do!




Written by Dannette Lynn



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